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The government of the United States of America has to meet certain compulsory expenses in its core functions. Education comes among those compulsory functions that the government performs accordingly. For decades, public schools in the United States have existed in a bid to meet the educational goals of the nation. Certainly, education is one of the most appropriate endeavors that the government has embraced in the fight to liberate its citizens and be able to develop in all facets. The government through the ministry of education is able to provide educational opportunities through public schools to as many citizens as possible. Provision of education through public schools is not-for-profit, unlike in many private schools in the country, as well as the whole world. However, of late, public schools have come into acute criticism regarding problems, facing the system. As such, given my experience, I would make several important changes to the system in a bid to make the system more competitive and reliable in the nation’s endeavors to meet its development goals.

This article explicates various crucial changes that I would make to the public educational system in a bid to perk up its performance and make it reliable.

American’s public schools run short of space, as far as classrooms are concerned due to the escalating number of students as an indicator of growth in the overall population. As such, this has put a strain on the scarcely available classroom spaces, as well as teachers and other relevant resources that are vital in the learning environment in most public schools. In addition, the government is seemingly reluctant in building more schools, despite the conspicuous strain on the already existing public schools. To reduce this, I would make several changes regarding the same by building more schools and more classrooms, as well as hiring more teachers in a bid to meet the growing number of the student population. This would mean that I would rally the support of the government, as well as that of other well-wishers and raise funds to see through this project.

Public schools, especially in the rural parts of the country, face a lot of problems due to poverty among the families of the school children. This has seen a lot of school dropouts among these school teenagers due to the hardship linked with poverty in their families. Research shows that at least two of every ten students living under poverty fall out of school due to the inability to regularly attend school. The economic struggle among these teenagers has significantly contributed to the heavy dropouts, reported from rural areas. This calls for the establishment of robust ties between schools, communities, and social services, which will help to reduce the burden of poverty among these school teenagers.

Technology is another contentious issue among public schools because of the fact that these schools, especially those found far from urban centers have a problem of accessing relevant technology in their learning environment. Therefore, a lot of skills and talents are foregone simply because of a lack of relevant technology to develop these talents. On the contrary, there are problems associated with the rampant use of the latest technology among teenagers, especially in urban public schools and among affluent teenagers across the country. Latest reports unveil that teenagers spend a lot of their time on the internet for other purposes, other than education. This has also impacted on their concentration in doing their homework and attending other important educational activities. This has utterly affected the performance among public schools, leading to poor grades and overall performance crisis. Therefore, I would change the perspective among teenagers in public schools through their heads and teachers, regarding the use of the internet for empowerment, rather than allowing them to distract their attention in education.

The school curriculum in the present public schools in America is in dire need of a change in a bid to make children become diligent in designing solutions to solve current problems. Nowadays, the school curriculum is aimed at grilling students in preparation for the job market rather than giving them the opportunity to develop critical thinking and be able to develop solutions to everyday problems that have become sophisticated. The contemporary society advocates for more attention and focuses on science, engineering, and mathematics, as the primary subjects that should be prioritized in public schools. However, I would change this by challenging this belief, since our society requires all kinds of thinking in a bid to drive it to the desired heights. Revising public school’s curriculum is a crucial change that I would initiate because of the fact that hale and hearty society requires all kinds of critical thinking in a bid to enhance development.

Public school children face a wide array of problems emanating from their parent's involvement in their educational matters. While others are reported to neglect their children and never bother to know about their progress, others become too obsessed with their children’s progress to an extent of inconveniencing the teachers’ role in imparting education to their children, as required. Accordingly, I would develop a good rapport between teachers and parents to ensure that parent involvement is appropriately implemented among public schools, in order to foster a suitable learning environment for the children.

In conclusion, the foregoing discussion has appropriately elucidated significant changes that ought to be made in public schools for efficiency. This essay has unveiled the relevant changes worth undertaking among public schools to make them excellent educational centers for American children, in the quest to meet the educational goals of the country.


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